About Electizen

Electizen was founded for the purpose of bringing Florida initiative petitions into the digital space. Initiative petitions is a civic process where registered voters can make changes to the constitution. Some popular examples of initiative petitions are:

  • - Florida $15 minimum wage [1]
  • - Florida medical marijuana [2]
  • - Florida expands restrictions on lobbying [3]

Electizen acts as a directory for initiative petitions. Where you are able to download and share initiatives in your state. Signing an initiative requires you to mail the initiative in person.

Stance On Privacy

We at Electizen, an American corporation, advocates for strong privacy practice and data usage. Although most information we collect is voter information (publicly available online), we keep information stored in American data centers operated by Google, an American corporation. Billing information is processed through Stripe, an American corporation.

Contact Electizen

For miscellaneous business inquires, please send emails to business@electizen.com